Capitalism v. American Jobs

Is it possible to endorse Capitalism and American Jobs at the same time?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Keynesian, Austrian, Traditional, Game-Theory, or whatever type of economist, we all agree that Adam Smith’s idea of specialization and division of labour is extraordinarily more efficient than individuals producing their own goods/services. After all, the entire world economy is based on this very notion that geographic locations have specialized resources, and that trade is the key to economic prosperity. With the number one topic of political campaigns being jobs and the economy, I wonder why more Americans don’t bring their own actions to the forefront of their mind.

Let me explain…

We as a people claim to want American job growth, especially in the manufacturing industry, but you will find that the majority of our daily products are manufactured overseas. From clothing, to automobiles, to the keyboard I’m typing on, there are few reasons to pay the unnecessarily high costs for a majority of American-made products. This is a result of economic evolution – our mixed-market economy shifting away from laissez-faire and inching closer to a planned socialist economy. I assert that if the regulatory environment in this country does not change, we will never be competitive in the global market again.

It’s no secret that outsourcing had dislocated many American jobs, but why do the multinational companies take all of the heat? Is capitalism not a profit-driven ideology reliant on competitive endeavors and the sheer ability of individuals to fulfill the needs of their peers? Since when is making products affordable to produce and sell not well-motivated? I say if you want to get mad at somebody, hold your legislators accountable. Price ceilings, price floors, tariffs, quotas, subsidies, oversight, wage controls, where does it stop? When can the producers of our time once again breath, and re-ignite the embers of American prosperity? Will we ever be able to return to a time where families can live comfortable on the wages of one parent? Can we ever anticipate a day where the prices at the grocery store will be less than the day before?

I wish I knew.

One thing I do know is that if you want to change the world, it has to start with you. That being said, you have the choice to be a conscious consumer. If you want to see American jobs return to our shores, there are two solutions: First, demand lower regulations and less interference by our legislators. Second, give an extra thought in regards to whom you give your money to. If you can, buy American. In my opinion, there are some amazing companies here in the lower 48 who produce products of excellent quality at competitive pricing. I rest easier at night when I know that my hard earned money is being circulated in the business cycle of American companies, with American entrepreneurs who look at the challenge of operating a business in the economy and say “bring it on”. We cannot expect to see any significant change in the decline of American manufacturing jobs if we do not support American manufacturers. This isn’t a battle we have to lose – American ingenuity has brought us up from nothing, and I have faith that it has not left our nature.

So long as we retain the desire to succeed and stay true to the philosophy that we must never loot, we must succeed within the boundaries of natural law, we can once again have the greatest economy in the world.

I’m not saying don’t purchase products from overseas. I’m simply saying don’t claim to support American jobs during election season, and then do nothing about it.

Why can’t libertarian conservative activists just get along?

I recently had a disagreement with some fellow liberty activists, debating which Republican US Senate candidate should represent New jersey. I think it’s great that everyone is supporting Dr. Eck’s primary campaign, and I thought that the debate/argument was over but apparently not because somebody felt the need to post an article that quotes one sentence of mine and attempts to tear it apart, instead of respecting dissenting opinions.

The said article may be viewed here.
My response posted below:

“Now, since I was the person quoted in this article I think it’d only be appropriate for me to post a rebuttal here as well.
First of all, it would be hypocritical if the person who wrote this article previously supported the candidate [Steve Lonegan] in a prior election when none of his views have changed. Every candidate cannot be a clone of Ron Paul, but I will take more Ted Cruz and Mike-Lee type senators any day. Steve Lonegan [who was endorsed by Ron Paul in the gubernatorial race] has a proven track record of reducing the size of government and installing sound fiscal policies on a small-scale.

In regards to his position on the United Nations, you can watch Mr. Lonegan here expressing his desire to retain United States sovereignty from the United Nations here: and quite frankly I’ve heard nothing expressed from the candidate to “take over and/or expand the United Nations.” There are no primary-source documents referencing to anything of the sort, only second-hand word of mouth.

I humbly believe that the United Nations is only one of many issues that need to be addressed. I do not foresee a vote in the Senate that will withdraw U.S. participation in the organization anytime soon. The fact of the matter is that we will benefit greatly from either republican candidate being elected to the senate seat, and everyone is entitled to an opinion on who the Republican nominee should be.

Admittedly, Dr. Alieta Eck is a great candidate; a constitutional conservative, a professional in her field, etc. But from my perspective when I look at policy experience and current support, I think that Steve Lonegan represents the best chance at defeating the Democratic challenger.”

The moments spent writing an article to attack another liberty-loving conservative could’ve been spent actually helping Dr. Eck’s campaign, and I would expect better from a fellow activist who is on the same side.

Why Ron Paul’s complaint to the UN Intellectual Property Organization makes sense

Now why would Ron Paul do such a thing? Well, first let’s look at the liberty leader’s intent;

Ron Paul has stated that he intends to being a new liberty-centered online television-like web series, to continue the ideological revolution. On the Alex Jones show he stated his desire to utilize the most logical domain name available to further this cause:

Anybody who understands how to file a complaint in the legal system, knows that the first order of the complaint is to file within the correct jurisdiction. Failure to do so is a waste of time and money, as your case will likely be thrown out.

If you look at the address of the defendant indicated in the complaint, you will notice that the primary address of the respondent is located in Fortitude Valley, a suburb of Queensland, Australia. Therefore, a body of international jurisdiction is necessary for Ron Paul’s complaint to be acknowledged. This does not mean that Ron Paul endorses the United Nations (obviously). He is simply working within the existing body of international law.

Realistically, if the owners of had good intentions to advance the cause of liberty, they would transfer the domain name to Ron Paul. Furthermore, they would offer their skills to Ron Paul in request of employment so they may continue involvement operating the website.

Ron Paul is still the man we all know and love.

His constituents need not obstruct his (and our) desires to further Liberty.

A New Jerseyan’s presidential endorsement

     This article is for the voters who have to weigh the pros and cons of one candidate against the other. This article is for the voters who have even the slightest doubt in their candidate. This article is here to tell you that you have a real choice in this election. Your vote has the power to make a difference and it is with a candidate you wouldn’t expect.

     The New Jersey state motto is “Liberty and Prosperity.” Unfortunately I haven’t seen much of that around, with New Jersey’s unemployment rate just above 9.8%. Now for the last year we’ve seen two men bicker and tout the promise of “change.” Am I the only person not buying this? When you look at the economic policies (or lack thereof) of the two primary Presidential candidates there is no change in sight. Is our only choice a President who claims they will deliver a balanced budged 8-10 years down the road? (which is after they’ve left office) Can we really afford a decade more of deficits? Hint: the answer is no.

     Three years ago we elected a man into the office of Governor who was not afraid to say “no.” No to more spending, no to raising taxes, no to nonsense. On the Presidential ballot, we have something even better. A candidate who recognizes that one of the most crucial ways to eliminate 16+ trillion dollars of debt is through a radical change in our fiscal policy, specifically the tax code.

     Would it not be the feat of our decade to eliminate the income tax? Governor Christie himself said “You can spend your money better than the government can spend your money.” And I’ll be damned if he’s not correct. Through the fair tax, all taxes would be collected on purchases only. All of the money you earned in your paycheck would be paid directly to you. On top of that, you alone control how much money in taxes you pay. The fair tax is not biased to your income level or economic status. This is the best plan to come from economist think tanks yet and there is only one candidate on the ballot this November who advocates this new tax system.

     A political party must garner at least 5% of the popular vote to receive equal ballot access. 5% of the popular vote will give us more choices as to whom will represent and lead our nation. If you want a true economic turn around, vote for the person who has a legitimate plan. Your vote creates that 5%, and politics based on principle turns that 5% into a majority.

Vote Libertarian.

Vote for Gary Johnson.

Americans continue to live above their means, despite interest in change

There is no doubt that the state of the country has sparked an interest within the people. Movements have risen, and people have convened. Marches have stepped and protesters have yelled. What have these people accomplished? Attention. This attention has spread to the corners of the country. So many people are watching and waiting for the opportunity to partake in the calling of the average person. So many Americans are in the struggle, knowing not how to he heard, how to contribute to the welfare of their peers. So many of us are here every day, harnessing this data and informing ourselves to enrich our spirits. Yet I find that a large number of these people continue to live in a hopeless dream. The “American dream.”

I do not blame the people, for we were raised this way in better times. Regardless of our values or ideas of the way life should be, we must take it upon ourselves to enact a change.

I’ve been told that to change the world, one must start with themselves. This being said, I have implemented “conscious consumerism” into my daily routines. Most people want to contribute to the greater good. Most people want a flourishing society, and yet we continue to spend our money in the wrong places. When a stimulus is given to the people by the government, it must be used in a way to support the economy. Giving this money to multinational companies simply does not provide any support to our society. The well being of many Americans is based on small business. Unfortunately, the well being of many Americans is based on large business as well, but when the money does not stay within the country, when the money is consolidated into the pockets of the most wealthy, the rest of us suffer.

It is our duty as a society to support small business. When money is spent in the community, it continues to circulate in the community. The scramble for best prices and convenience must come to an end. Living above our means must come to an end. Brand new luxury cars are not a necessity. Double bacon cheeseburgers are not a necessity. There was a time when convenience was not the height of American culture. I cannot convince people at my workplace  to recycle if it’s “inconvenient.” I literally have to put a paper bag designated for recycling in front of people for them to recycle materials. Even this is sometimes not enough.

Take responsibility, please, for the choices you make. We’ve come so far, and have achieved so little of the things that truly matter. I would hope that one day we can overcome social injustice. Maybe one day our children won’t have to worry about overpopulation and pollution, but these are disquieting realities.

The easiest thing that we can do is be conscious and informed. Think of where your money will end up, and will it help you or someone like you in the end?


– Joseph D’Antuono

White list everything

Under normal circumstances of writing (or so I’ve learned) one must begin with a statement of some sort, a guide and summary to which the script pertains. I have respect for conventional writing methods but may deviate, simply because I can. Freedom of self expression, freedom to compose these words in any such order at my discretion is truly both liberating and frustrating. I find a sort of peace in my uneasiness as I construct the sentence, as I type the word letter for letter, as each idea formulates inside this mesh of flesh and blood, mind and body, reality and illusion.

What is this blog?

This is me. This is what I see, how I feel, what is righteous, and everlasting. It is the ability to think and an attempt to see from all directions. To enlighten oneself of the many viewpoints, the countless numbers of ways one can see the world, imagination, or maybe even nothingness. Nothing can be seen in many ways. How might you ask? My not having an opinion on something can be an expression of feeling nothing. At the same time, I may not even think of an idea and I would also be feeling nothing towards the same. I want you to feel something. I want to provoke a thought in your mind like a seed, and I want it to grow into the person you are. I want this because we as a society are so concerned with out identities, our personalities, who we are. And I want everyone to be a true representation of what they feel inside. Authenticity is a trait I cannot deny. Albeit many people lack in quality of morals, quality of person, this is all relevant to an unspoken standard. This standard is a regurgitated pink mush of useless information. This standard does nothing to better people and therefore I have learned to have an appreciation for the authenticity of oneself. Dr. King once said that people should be judged by the content of their character. While I agree this is better than being judged by the color of one’s skin, I have chosen to, not judge per say, but rather – appreciate one based on if their ideals, hopes, and dreams accurately reflect who they are.

Do not be afraid to be who you truly are. Do not be afraid of judgement, and do not judge others. You are so much more beautiful in that way.